Six Reasons to Need a Dental Crown

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Dental crowns can perform a variety of functions, making them a popular method of restorative dentistry. There are many reasons for dental crowns that you may not be aware of, and here are six examples:

– Bruxism damage: Your teeth experience a lot of wear and tear, but if you grind and clench your teeth, it can result in shortened teeth that need to have their structure enhanced with dental crowns.

– Tooth damage: Broken teeth affected by a weakened tooth structure or oral injury can often be repaired with a dental crown.

– Large dental filling: A dental crown can bond a large dental filling to a tooth that has little natural structure remaining.

– Unflattering teeth: Dental crowns may often be used as a cosmetic dental procedure to enhance the appearance of misshapen, discolored or gapped teeth.

– Root canal treatment: After a tooth undergoes root canal treatment for infection, it is left with a large exposed space that may need to be covered and protected by a dental crown.

– Cracked teeth: A cracked tooth can experience pain when used to bite and chew due to an uneven bite force, but a dental crown can help restore the balance of your bite.

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