Some Basic First-Aid Is Necessary for Preserving a Knocked Out Tooth

Each of your teeth is anchored in its dental socket by a series of very strong periodontal ligaments. This generally gives them the structural integrity and presence to handle the forces of biting, chewing, and grinding the foods you eat. Unfortunately, it is possible for an accident or sports injury to carry enough force to… Read more »

Fluoride Treatment 101

Your regular dental checkups are vital for your oral health. This is because it includes treatments that help your teeth, gums, and smile. One treatment that it includes is a professional fluoride treatment. To help you know a little more about this treatment so you know what to expect in the dental chair, our dentists,… Read more »

Oral Health Care Procedures: Tooth Replacement Therapy

If you would like to replace any teeth you have missing, there are three highly recommended procedures to consider. This includes dentures, implants, and bridges. But how do you know which form of tooth replacement will work best for you? The answer will depend on your age, jaw strength, desires, and genetics. – Dental Implants:… Read more »

The Fundamentals of Dental Sealants

From the outside, you would think that tooth enamel is strong enough to resist the dangers of the foods and drinks we eat. Sadly, this is not the case as it is extremely thin and can often fail. To help prevent cavities and dental erosion from overtaking your tooth enamel, an additional layer known as… Read more »

Oral Cancer: Your Questions Answered

What is oral cancer? Oral cancer, or cancer of the lips, tongue, cheeks, sinuses, hard and soft palate, throat, and floor of the mouth, should be detected and treated early on. When you come into our office for a dental cleaning, Drs. Poetti, Bidra, and Tariq will screen for oral cancer in Meriden, Connecticut. What… Read more »

Keep A Lookout for Oral Cancer

When was the last time you ever checked your smile for oral cancer? If it’s been while you are not alone. By neglecting your oral health checkups, you could be bypassing warning signs of oral cancer. That is why having a checkup at Cloverleaf Dental Center in Meriden, Connecticut, is essential to your oral health… Read more »

Keep Your Toothbrush and Smile Clean by Using Our Tips

Dr. Sheila Poetti and our dental team care about you and your smile, which is why we encourage you to clean your teeth and gums regularly with a functional and clean toothbrush. Unfortunately, your toothbrush harbors many germs, so maintaining a healthy brush might be tricky. However, with our help, it’s definitely possible. Tip No…. Read more »

Recontouring Your Smile

Nothing is more distracting when you feel a small chip in one of your teeth. To fix that tooth, recontouring is a simple, speedy procedure to reshape your tooth. Cloverleaf Dental Center wants to help you fix any minor blemishes so you can have the best dental care. It can be difficult to determine which… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry Has Several Options for Improving the General Appearance of Your Smile

As the years go by, there are several things that can alter your smile’s appearance. This could come in the form of dental staining, minor dental fractures, tooth decay, or old fillings that no longer match the surrounding tooth enamel. Many people living in the Meriden, Connecticut area dealing with an unappealing smile, will contact… Read more »

Save Teeth from the Extraction Block with Dental Crowns

Save teeth from the extraction block with dental crowns. Due to the material used in the making of dental crowns, they can be tailored based on looks, shape, size, and even color. Not only will dental crowns make your smile look better, they can even protect broken teeth from future harm. Here are just a… Read more »