Flossing: Just Do It!

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In this day and age, with modern advances in oral health technology and tools, there is just no excuse anymore for neglecting to floss once a day. Besides the numerous beneficial reasons why you should add flossing to your daily routine, the procedure is not as cumbersome as it used to be.

Even with the easier flossing implements available, less than one-third of people consistently do it–this according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Their study says that only 30 percent of people floss daily, 32 percent never floss, and just over 37 percent report flossing only once in a while. Terrible numbers! Imagine how many teeth have decayed or had to be extracted that could’ve been saved. Think about the money that could’ve been used for something else besides, fillings, root canals, crowns and bridges.

It’s time to make a change in your dental health and commit to daily flossing. No longer do you need to struggle with the difficult string floss if you don’t want to. Today you have options. Here are just a few to consider that may make it easier for you to become proponent of daily flossing:

-Floss holders: Y-shaped and disposable. These are ready to use.
-End tufted brushes and picks: Clean the tight spaces and pockets around gums.
-Water flossers: A great way to massage your gums and teeth while cleaning without bothersome string.
-Dental tape: Broad and flat.
-Super Floss: Great for braces and other dental work.
-Floss Threader: Works like a needle to push through dental work.

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