Flossing: A Key Element to Maintaining a Healthier Smile

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Flossing once a day is a key element to maintaining a healthier smile free from plaque and oral debris hardening between teeth. This single action, combined with brushing twice a day for two minutes, as recommended by the American Dental Association, will prevent gum disease and tooth decay from taking over your smile.

Thankfully, flossing is easier than ever with the wide variety of interdental flossers at your disposal today, including waxed or unwaxed floss, dental picks, pre-threaded flossers, tiny brushes, oral irrigators, and wooden plaque removers. Make sure to look for products carrying the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance on them. This seal affirms that the product is both safe and effective for you to use.

When it comes to flossing, you can do it before bedtime, during the day after you eat lunch, or even begin your day after you wake up. It’s not when you floss, but that you floss that matters. You should floss once daily to help keep dental plaque and oral debris from building up between teeth. Flossing is effective before or after you brush, as long as you do it! If you are using wax or tape, don’t rinse it and reuse it another time, as this could transfer oral bacteria, and the strand loses effectiveness when it frays.

We encourage you to floss every day to maintain your smile health. If you have questions on how to best care for your oral health, our dentists are happy to help. Please call Cloverleaf Dental Center in Meriden, Connecticut, at 203-634-8727, and Dr. Sheila Poetti, Dr. Avinash Bidra, and Dr. Sana Tariq, will work with you to help your smile thrive!