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At the office of Cloverleaf Dental Center, we are committed to helping patients achieve healthy smiles by addressing harmful threats such as dental infection. The oral cavities in your smile contain a sea of microorganisms that typically live in balance with your body; however, when disease or other pathogenic conditions occur, the oral cavities become easy targets for dental infection. Our dentists can treat and eliminate dental infection by offering ozone therapy.

When administered to your smile, ozone therapy creates a “transient oxidative burst” that induces a number of reactions, including eliminating dental infection, improving blood flow, enhancing the immune system, and increasing the healing response. Our doctors utilize ozone in many of our treatments, including in our handpieces and cavitrons, to treat harmful oral conditions such as periodontal disease and infected root canals. Ozone can replace the need to drill into a tooth to reach the infected area. Other application forms include ozonated water, ozonated oils, and the direct placement of ozone in diseased gum pockets.

Cloverleaf Dental Center is the first dental office in the Connecticut area to begin using ozone therapy as part of our dental care. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of ozone therapy in Meriden, Connecticut, by contacting our team at 203-634-8727 today.

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